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Service Learning

We partner with local communities and organizations to arrange service projects that allow students to work side-by-side with community members to improve living conditions and support environmental conservation efforts.

Whether you are building clean burning stoves in rural Peru, reforesting the Galapagos with endemic plants, or upgrading an Amazon animal rescue center, the impact of your project will go far beyond the tangible task at hand.  The downtime moments are just as valuable.  You will be fully immersed in a local community, which provides an authentic, non-touristy setting for making new friends, practicing your Spanish, and learning some Quechua too!

Projects typically range in length from one to six days and can be tailored to your goals, budget, and interests. Below are samples of past and ongoing projects.

Please contact us for more information about Service Learning.

Eradicate invasive species and plant native and endemic species in the Galapagos. View Programs

Work directly with indigenous families to build cleaner burning stoves with chimneys to reduce smoke inhalation. View Programs

Once a thriving species along the banks of the Arajuno River in the Amazon basin of Ecuador, the Yellow Spotted Turtle is now classified as endangered. Work hand in hand with local Kichwa communities to restore the natural habitat and reverse Yellow Spotted Turtle depopulation. View Programs

Create a healthier living environment for families in the highlands of Ecuador by replacing dirt floors with hygienic concrete surfaces. View Programs